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Madeleine Shaw’s Sweet Potato and Hemp Waffles

Madeleine Shaw

One of the UK’s best-loved foodies for her balanced approach to nutrition. 

If you’re not one of Madeleine Shaw’s 276,000 followers on instagram, you might not know that this foodie is a serious contender for best brunch game. Unlike her competitors, Madeline opts for the savoury over the sweet (who needs a sugar rush on a Saturday?) – think miso porridge and harissa sweet potato hash. Her latest spark of genius? Sweet potato and hemp waffles, packed with protein and served with soft-boiled eggs, avocado and miso mushrooms. “A super simple, healthy and delicious breakfast. It’s colourful, it’s nutritious and it’s packed full of protein”.

10 mins
10 mins

Mix the sweet potato, whisked egg, smoked paprika, Good Hemp Drink, and Good Hemp Protein Flour (or Protein Powder) together in a bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper. Mash it all together with a fork.


Heat the waffle maker and brush it with a bit of Good Hemp Oil.  Pour the batter out and cook as per your waffle maker (usually 3-5 minutes). If you don’t have a waffle maker just fry the same amount of batter like thick pancakes in the pan.


Boil some hot water and add the eggs for 6-7 minutes so that they are cooked through with a gooey inside.


While this is cooking mix the miso paste, half the lime juice and Good Hemp Oil together in a bowl. Add this to a pan with the mushrooms and onions. Sautee for 5 minutes or until the mushrooms are nice and brown.


Remove the eggs, peel and slice in half.


Serve the waffles hot topped with the boiled egg(s), miso mushrooms, sliced avocado and a lime wedge. Brunch has never been so good for you.


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