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Little Luxury Food’s Spring Quiche with Hemp Pastry

Lucy Weston

Take a quick peak @LittleLuxuryFoods instagram and you’ll see this is a cook that knows how to brighten up a lunch table.

We were delighted when Lucy (aka Little Luxury Foods) made this green quiche with our Good Hemp Drink and seeds, perfect for a spring or summer’s day. It’s packed with protein and veggies with an extra hit of flavour from the  prosciutto and goats cheese. The best part? It’s crustless, meaning it’s a lighter, healthier dish…or that you can have two extra pieces.

30 mins
1 hour 15 mins

Preheat the oven to 180C (gas mark 4)


Chop up the asparagus into about 2cm pieces and sauté in a pan.


Boil the peas for a minute or so then drain.


Chop the spinach roughly and add it into the asparagus and peas until it starts to wilt.


Chop up the prosciutto into pieces and place in a pan on a low heat – Cook until slightly crispy.


In a large mixing bowl, crack in the egg and whisk  with the Good Hemp drink, dried sage and salt and pepper. Finely chop some chives into the liquid and mix.


Place the asparagus, peas and prosciutto into the pastry case dish, then pour over the egg and hemp drink liquid and give it a little mix. Crumble over the goat’s cheese and sprinkle over the hemp seeds.


Place into the oven for around an hour but keep checking on it until it’s golden-brown and set in the middle.


Serve hot or cold along with some salad (and ideally a sunny spring day).


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