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Netflix & Milk: 9 Best Netflix Chillout Movies

Netflix & Milk: 9 Best Netflix Chillout Movies

Netflix & Milk: 9 Best Netflix Chillout Movies

Forget Netflix & Chill, with all this hibernation-triggering Christmas chaos & festive tomfoolery afoot, what we really fancy on our sofa is some hardcore rest, Hemp Milk and relaxation. If you could do with putting your feet up rather than getting your rocks off, we've rounded up 9 of the best Netflix movies for truly chilling out.

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Time to dim the lights and get in the mood...

    1. Amelie

The French are especially good at light-hearted movies - especially ones which look pretty and won't tax your poor, stressed-out brain too much. Amelie is quirky, chilled and beautiful to watch, like a kooky French lava lamp.

          1. Up

It may get a little emotional, but Up is wonderfully uplifting to watch, and when it's not hitting your misty-eyed nostalgia button, it's a straight up lovely viewing experience.

          1. Little Miss Sunshine

More feel-good GOODness for your chill session. Little Miss Sunshine tells the laugh-out-loud, big hearted and touching story of a dysfunctional family as they hit the road to give their youngest a chance to win the Little Miss Sunshine pageant.

          1. The Big Lebowski

The ultimate film for fans of all things hemp (especially if they want to turn our Hemp Milk into a White Russian), the Big Lebowski is too ludicrous to take seriously on any level, which makes it a top notch laugh-a-minute chillout movie.

          1. Being John Malcovich

More “laugh ‘til you cry” weirdness. When an aspiring puppeteer in a dead end job finds a secret tunnel into the brain of actor John Malcovich, this already surreal story gets completely off the wall. Put your feet up and revel in the silliness with some Good Hemp Milk.

          1. Moonrise Kingdom

With more giggles than you can shake a stick at and a pleasingly surreal edge which takes you an enjoyable degree away from reality, this coming-of-age, runaway love story is a gentle hoot.

          1. Lost in Translation

Though emotionally complex, Lost in Translation is a serene movie which drifts beautifully through its tale of love and alienation, with an exquisite performance from Scarlett Johansson.

          1. My Neighbour Totoro

The ultimate relaxing Studio Ghibli movie - everything about My Neighbour Totoro is a sweet, visual treat. We challenge you not to fall in love with this big fluffy creature and his magical realm.

          1. The Illusionist

With almost no dialogue, this spell-binding animation will absolutely captivate you. As the glory days of 1950s entertainment fade, The Illusionist tells a drop dead gorgeous tale of a magician's attempt to build a career, transporting you to a completely charming world for a magical hour and a bit.

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