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Protein Comparison: Hemp Protein vs. Soya Protein

Protein Comparison: Hemp Protein vs. Soya Protein

Soya is the main plant-based source of protein that is available today and soya protein supplements are becoming nearly as popular as whey. But how does soya compare with hemp protein?


Hemp proteinSoya protein
Completely naturalMost soya proteins have been treated with Hexane, a chemical used to extract fat
Easy to digestMost soya products in the world are GMO (unless labeled otherwise)
Fibre content is good for the intestinal tractContains oligosaccharides that can cause gas and other stomach problems
Contains Essential Fatty Acids like Omega 3All fat is extracted
No heat is used in the production of Good Hemp ProteinMost are heated during production, which kills the proteins ability to act as enzymes, the ‘functional proteins’ that speed up the rate of biochemical reaction in your body


Hemp & Soya: Two complete vegetarian proteins
Soya is a good source of vegetarian protein, as like hemp, it contains all essential amino acids, making it similar in nutritional value to milk, meat and eggs.

Soya protein side effects & known issues
Soya’s protein content in some powders is higher than in hemp but this is because hemp protein is also a source of fibre and essential fatty acids such as Omega 3.

Soya protein and the GM risk
It is important to take into consideration that much of the soya grown today is GMO. If you are considering taking soya protein for supplementary purposes, be sure to check that it is not from a GM source.

The hemp grown to produce Good Hemp products is from a non-GM source. There is no such thing as GM Hemp. In addition to this, the hemp crop does not require herbicides nor pesticides.

Soya protein & allergies and intolerances
Soya has been associated with various digestive disturbances, bloating and in some cases allergies. We recommend you stay away from soya protein if you have an allergy to soya.

Hemp has no known allergens. You can find out more about Soya allergies on AllergyUK

Soya protein & hormonal complications
Soya has been associated with hormonal disturbances due to the content of phytoestrogens. Consult your doctor if you are going through menopause or have any hormone related illnesses (e.g. breast cancer).