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Hemp cars & Vincent Van Gogh: Hemp myths dispelled

Hemp cars & Vincent Van Gogh: Hemp myths dispelled

Hemp cars & Vincent Van Gogh: Hemp myths dispelled

There are all sorts of myths and misinformation surrounding hemp. The family ties between hemp and its 420-friendly sister have given rise to a plethora of hemp myths, some of them grounded in truth, others entirely bonkers.

From the idea that hemp has the same “recreational” properties as its hippy-beloved cousin, to the legal status of hemp in America, there are a lot of inaccuracies about hemp out there already. To help clear things up, we've tackled some common hemp myths...

1. America's Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper

American declaration of independence in front of the American flag

Although hemp paper has been very commonly used throughout history (the famous Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp), the US Declaration of Independence is no such document. Instead the declaration was written on parchment, a paper-like substance derived from animal skin. The source of the myth? A further (possible) myth that American founding father Benjamin Franklin owned a hemp mill.

2. Henry Ford built a hemp car Henry Ford in front of an old Ford car
Today hemp is used in a huge array of materials and products, from hempcrete used to build houses, to car bodies which include hemp as a key ingredient. But did historic car manufacturer Henry Ford really make a car out of hemp in the 1940s? The answer is “not really”. While hemp was a component of Ford's car body, it was likely largely plastic supported by a range of other substances including soybeans, flax, wheat and – yes – some hemp too.

3. Hemp in illegal in the United States

The Statue of Liberty

Although laws surrounding hemp have been confusing and alarmist over the pond for decades, hemp is not illegal in the US. In 2014, the Farm Bill at last recognised the chemical difference between hemp and marijuana, making the cultivation and use of hemp and hemp products entirely legal in America.

4. Vincent Van Gogh painted on hemp

Vincent Van Gogh painting

Hemp was widely used as a canvas material during the 1600s and has continued to be used for this purpose right up until the present day. However, the painting surface declined in popularity after the 17th century, which means its unlikely that Van Gogh painted on hemp – as rumoured. Six Van Gogh paintings were recently tested and show to be comprised of linen instead.

There are many amazing facts which are much more than mere hemp myths. For instance, this ingredient is one of the only plant sources of complete protein, containing all 20 amino acids. Order hemp ingredients from our online store to enjoy its amazing benefits.