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5 Things Made From Hemp That You Didn’t Know About

5 Things Made From Hemp That You Didn’t Know About

5 Things Made From Hemp That You Didn’t Know About

When somebody asks us “What can you make with hemp?”, it's almost easier to list things which aren't made from hemp. This super useful plant is used in pretty much everything from our nutritious Hemp Milk and Protein Powders, to cars, clothes, paper, skateboards and even houses.

To give you a taste of the power of our favourite plant, we've collected five more unusual products made from hemp which might surprise you....

1. This cute dress

female wearing hemp dress

This tropical palm leaf-printed shift dress from Thought is made from 100% hemp. Proof that hemp clothing is fashion forward – not just for hippies! With a full lining and front pockets, this is a chic dress which is super wearable.

2. These sustainable skateboards

Want your skateboard to be as dope as your Green ethos? The Rolkaz Collective has created these good looking, beautifully balanced boards in a range of different styles – all with decks made entirely from natural hemp fibres.

3. These desert boots

hemp desert boots

Created by Keep, these sustainable desert boots feature an unbleached hemp body made from organically grown, breathable hemp, making them both comfortable and environmentally friendly.

4. These moisturising pampering products 

the body shop hemp products
The Body Shop make some wonderful products using hemp, which are fantastic for dry and sensitive skin. Very natural, hemp based beauty products are unlikely to irritate are fantastic for heavy duty moisturising.

5. These tasty protein bars

primal pantry protein bars with hemp protein

Looking for a delicious dose of protein but don't have time to cook up something using our high quality hemp ingredients? The Primal Pantry incorporate our favourite protein-rich wonder-substance in all of their mouth-watering clean, raw protein bars.

Have you discovered any more unusual things made from hemp? Perhaps you've got a great recipe which turns our quality hemp milks, seeds, powders and oils into something even more amazing? Tell us all about it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!