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4 Health & Fitness Tips to Improve Your Lifestyle

4 Health & Fitness Tips to Improve Your Lifestyle

4 Health & Fitness Tips to Improve Your Lifestyle

Unless we're already at peak buffness, pretty much all of us would like to get a bit fitter and healthier. But with hectic lifestyles and tiring daily routines, finding the time, budget and motivation to give ourselves a fitness boost isn't a simple task.

Often, however, we're guilty of “over-thinking it”. When we picture our healthier, fitter lives, we often envision hitting the gym every morning at 6am in a Rocky-style montage, or restricting our diet to five raisins and a protein shake per day.

These mental images and fitness daydreams can be motivating but, more typically, they can seem totally unachievable – which puts us right off. Yet upgrading your health & fitness doesn't have to be “all or nothing”. In fact, a few basic changes can provide the “easy start” you need to get the ball rolling.

Maybe you'll just keep up that one improvement. Perhaps it will snowball into a more significant lifestyle change. Either way, your health will benefit and you'll find it far easier to get started. Ready to make some active changes? Here are four simple health & fitness tips to get you started...

1. Make one journey a week under your own steam

Man walking to work through autumnal field and forest

Choose one regular journey you undertake on a weekly basis and commit to travelling it using your own steam. Whether you walk to the supermarket instead of using the car (don't forget your rucksack or handy trolley!), run home from work once a week or cycle over to visit your sister, this one journey a week should slot easily into your schedule and build stamina and confidence for more self-powered journeys. Of all the health & fitness tips, this one’s a nice, easy change.

2. Join a fitness class

Motivating yourself to go to the gym three times a week, for a lot of people, is unrealistic as far as health & fitness tips go. The treadmill can be pretty boring and, even with a gym membership to pay for, motivation can be low. The social aspects of a fitness class and the fun of learning a new skill (aerial yoga, anyone?) make “making the effort” much easier.

3. Find your fun

When exercise is fun, it never feels like a drag. Yet, we're all different. While some of us will love the feeling of freedom which comes from long runs, others will prefer the support of a personal trainer, the calm of a yoga studio or the adrenaline of a boxercise session. Finding your “fitness fun” isn't always straightforward, so try a bunch of different taster sessions and explore as many options as you can to get inspired! This is a health & fitness tip we can all get on-board with!

4. Take on a culinary challenge

If you're a keen cook, you can turn your passion for food into a really healthy thing. Sometimes foodie-ism can mean over-indulgence, but placing limitations on your cooking can force you to get more creative...

One of our favourite quick health & fitness tips, challenge yourself to cook without dairy for a fortnight. Make January the month you include at least 4 vegetables in every meal. When February rolls around, stick to a vegan diet. Whatever challenge you try, pick a diet which will force you to avoid unhealthy ingredients (like heaps of cheese, if you're partial) and enjoy preparing new, healthier stuff (like our protein-rich hemp seeds!).

Which easy fitness tips or health changes made a difference to your lifestyle? Share the stuff that worked for you with other readers below. Don't forget to stock up on plenty of healthy hemp ingredients while you're here!

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